Getting to know you

I will come to your farm as often as necessary.

  • Through the use of online software I will learn space requirements, cash flow needs, rotation, cost of production and expected yields for each individual farm.
  • I will also assess individual price risk tolerances and support the development of relationships with brokers and grain buyers where appropriate.
  • I will track inventory quantity and quality, both planned and actual. I will seek to understand your logistical needs and wants (Self delivered or FOB farm) and tailor recommendations to suit you.
  • I have extensive management training and extensive industry experience which enables me to effectively draw out the true needs and wants and to communicate effectively with both clients and buyers.


Selecting the right contract is so much more than just finding the best price.

  • I will assist my customers to interpret the pros and cons of various grain production and merchandising (cash) contracts.
  • I will support my customers in auditing accuracy and in understanding every detail of every contract. This process begins with seeking out the best contracts available. Continues between signing and delivery of contract. Service doesn’t stop until payment is made to farmer.
  • I will also introduce new strategies using financial tools available by utilizing various futures exchanges accessed either through complex grain contracts or through a brokerage firm.
  • My experience as a buyer gives me the knowledge needed to interpret and understand fully any cash grain contract. I have taught basics of option theory and will utilize a brokerage firm to augment my knowledge of futures exchange based tools.

Market analysis

Information is abundant and can be overwhelming.

  • I will utilize established market analysts and act as a filter of the massive amount of data related to global commodity trade. Market influences change minute to minute and day to day. Unless you are passionately interested in these details all you need to know is what matters to your farm.
  • I will provide my interpretation of ever changing fundamentals of supply and demand through weekly updates and on demand communication. Because I maintain a very exclusive clientele I can easily recognize relevant information and get it to you in the timeliest of manners. When I do contact you I will make detailed, specific, thorough recommendations.
  • Market analysis will include local market information regarding competitiveness of basis, shipment opportunities, as well as global futures market trends.


Poor understanding or execution can make a good decision look bad.

  • From educating, to signing, to selecting which bin to ship, to interpreting settlement documents I will be there from start to finish.
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