Had a good turnout of over 20 farmers for my first local market insight meeting November 19, 2015. We covered a lot of ground including full Supply and Demand outlooks for Canola, Flax, Wheat, Durum, Lentils, and Peas. Check out these videos from the meeting. In the intro you will get a background on myself, and some analysis on a couple of global trends affecting grain prices. El Nino and the US Dollar were things I was keying on at the time (and still am). I take a stance on when the Lentil market will top, and when risk of retreating bids will be. Things have played out very close to my expectations. Although Canola was unanimously Bearish at the time with StatsCan only a couple weeks away, I had a different view on the medium to longer term. StatsCan didn’t force things down in December, but a rebound in the Loonie recently has done the dirty work. I will wait and see if I am right about flat to slightly decreased acres. If that puzzle piece falls into place my outlook will be very close to coming to fruition there as well. In the Into to Options clip you will get a simple to follow description of how using Options as a hedge could benefit your farm.