2015 Crop Year Results

June 23rd, 2016|Categories: Barley, Canola, Durum, Field Peas, Flax, General, Lentils, Oats, Wheat|

You may or may not know that other than the client specific recommendations I also track the generally strategy and literal sales that I would make if it were my farm. I track 8 crops. I not only use this as a report card, but to really gut check the recommendations I make. I also [...]

Grain Marketing Has Changed

June 10th, 2016|Categories: General|

Seems like a pretty obvious statement. The markets change everyday, all day, right? The deregulation of the Canadian Wheat Board (CWB) was a generational change that was news outside of just agriculture. Farm consolidation means elevators have far fewer suppliers (farmers), and those suppliers have more leverage (and risk) than ever before. These are just a [...]

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