Do you ever wonder if you are getting the most out of today’s volatile grain markets and complicated grain contracts? I can help you with that!

I grew up on the farm and know firsthand the immense challenges and workload you face. In fact, that is the very reason I set out on this career path back in 2002. The following steps helped me learn the marketing skills required to be a successful consultant and provided an enriched environment where I was able to gain perspective and industry knowledge.

I would argue that very time was the turning point where volatility and market complexity would forever be changed. Since then I have signed and delivered over a million dollars in grain market consulting to farmers across Saskatchewan.

Currently it is my vision to “Bring home my experience and knowledge to help build a more profitable farm community.” Call me for an in-person meeting today, spots are extremely limited so don’t delay!

Latest Market Insight Articles

Sales and Strategy Update – Durum

August 13th, 2018|0 Comments

I was able to attend our local Food Grains Bank harvest this weekend. As usual it was a great example of a community working together for a great cause. 7 combines took the quarter section […]

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Durum Ending Stocks Neutral After Yield Revision

August 3rd, 2018|0 Comments

I am running out of patience with Durum market, but finally there is some interest. I expect other companies will step in and buy, harvest results likely will dictate if they bid this level, or […]

Malt Barley Prices Off Bottoms!

August 3rd, 2018|0 Comments

Finally! Same regions in EU suffering from drought that has sparked the Wheat market is trickling over into Barley. Seeing $5.00bu bids posted right now. The Canadian Malt/Feed spread will work itself out in the […]